90/10 Wardrobe Concept

Here at Newd, we believe that every woman, no matter the size of her budget, should be able to build a classic wardrobe. We're strong believers in the 90/10 wardrobe concept, 90% staple pieces, and 10% statement pieces. The 90/10 concept seems basic enough, but how many of us actually shop and live by it? When you look in your closet do you feel you have items you can move around to create new looks with, or do you feel as if you have worn everything and need clothes? Usually when you always feel you need something new to look fresh its because you're purchasing the wrong items. 


Each month I select an item or two to feature on the site. I don’t feel every featured item is for everyone. But I do believe when the 90/10 concept is understood, the features each month become building blocks for the perfect wardrobe. When I shop for pieces to feature on the site I keep in mind the 90/10 wardrobe concept and look for 90% classic pieces and 10% statement pieces. Our ultimate goal is to help women build a well-rounded wardrobe.


Newd Style Faux Leather Pencil SkirtFaux Leather Pencil Skirt

Staple pieces are wardrobe classics and are guaranteed to be around for years to come. Some of our current featured staple pieces are a Faux Leather Burgundy Pencil Skirt, a Light Weight Denim Color Pleated Skirt, a Distressed Black Denim Biker Jacket, a Ribbed Mid Length Tank and a Ribbed Tank Dress. These items are timeless classics and can be dressed up or down, layered and rotated within your wardrobe.

Short Set with Floral EmbroideryNewd Style Navy Slip Dress

Our statement pieces are items that are meant to make a statement. Our current statement pieces include a Short Set with Floral Embroidery, a Navy Slip Dress, and our Navy Floral Kimono. These pieces are meant to turn heads and stand out all on their own.


Newd Style | Building a Wardrobe

Classic pieces are more sustainable and are building blocks to versatility within your wardrobe. I believe a closet full of trendy clothing will lead you to a life of debt lol. Dramatic, I know, but when you only shop fads you are always shopping, trying to keep up with the trends. Replacing one out-of-style piece for the next trend. At Newd, we incorporate older features with our newer features to show you how they can compliment one another and create various looks and styles.

Newd Style is not your average online boutique full of trendy pieces with an expiration date. We move a bit on the slower side at Newd Style, but if you are tired of feeling like you have nothing to wear, and looking build your wardrobe the correct way, you're at the right place!

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Remember be sexy, fun and unapologetic.
xoxo ~kea~

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