Newd style is a fashion platform that seeks to encourage women to embrace their personal style by assisting them in achieving looks that they may admire and/or desire.  We assist in helping develop and cultivate a sense of personal style by providing tips on proper fitting and assemblage of staple pieces tailored to your size and body type. Not only do we walk this journey with you but we make it our number one goal to provide items that are hand picked, of excellent quality, affordable, and most of all timeless!


Laquia Wyche: The Visionary

What do you do when you have a Love for something that you just can’t seem to shake? I’ve found that you don’t shake it, you chase it! Literally! No, really I’m not joking, I dropped everything, responsibly of course, for a chance at pursuing a life dedicated to fashion, my first love. I made the sacrifice and decided to move from Virginia to California to pursue a career in the fashion industry.  To me it just made sense, as far as I can remember I have always been known to have an effortless sense of style, a well rounded wardrobe and the potential to work a fashion miracle on a tight budget.  It is my ultimate personal goal and desire to share and help other women gain confidence in expressing personal style by showing them how to layer and pull staple pieces together to create a timeless masterpiece.




Monica Burnett: The Motivator

 I can be known as the Female Mogul of the Brand. The one who has a passion for self development, motivation, and organization. I believe in women taking what they love and what they have a passion for and creating a future for themselves. I believe that you should INVEST in yourself!  The belief I have that is rooted in investing in yourself comes from being a single mother of two wonderful boys. I realized that their future success was dependent on the life that I was living right then. I am responsible for their future so why not take control of mine. I invested not only in myself but in the future of my children.  With my desire to continually grow as a female mogul and Laquia’s desire to conquer the Fashion Industry, what a perfect blending of dreams and goals to create a company.