Let’s Chat About Our Lavish Top!


Boobs, they are embedded in our hormones as little girls and they emerge as we develop into women.   They can be a blessing and a curse.   Some women feel they have too much and some feel they can use a little more.  As you get older breast can sometimes do their own thing.  They can lose their volume and fullness, and one can even appear larger than the other.  

Personally, I embarked a weight loss journey several years ago and my boobs haven't been the same every since.    I...

The Reality of Mauve

Let me keep it 100 with you.  When I first saw the "Soiree" dress the color is what captivated me the most.  Although it's on the lighter color spectrum and isn't as forgiving to flaws,  its mauve/blush color inspired me to make an immediate purchase with little to no debate (something I typically don't do).  

After the purchase was complete I started to think about what shoes I would pair the dress with.  Initially, I thought it...

Styling Tips - 2x the fun top

Lets Talk Cellulite

Out of all the flaws a person can have Let’s be real cellulite can be one of the most annoying of all.  Cellulite can make a you feel self conscious, causing you to always question if you can or can't wear certain things.  I definitely don’t feel cellulite should be ignored because it’s one of those things that can easily turn a look from cute to sloppy. It’s important that you're aware of your cellulite areas and attempt to eliminate the visibility as much as possible when...