The tea on Our Snatched High Waist Pants

Let’s Chat About Our Lavish Top!


Boobs, they are embedded in our hormones as little girls and they emerge as we develop into women.   They can be a blessing and a curse.   Some women feel they have too much and some feel they can use a little more.  As you get older breast can sometimes do their own thing.  They can lose their volume and fullness, and one can even appear larger than the other.  

Personally, I embarked a weight loss journey several years ago and my boobs haven't been the same every since.    I...

The Reality of Mauve

Let me keep it 100 with you.  When I first saw the "Soiree" dress the color is what captivated me the most.  Although it's on the lighter color spectrum and isn't as forgiving to flaws,  its mauve/blush color inspired me to make an immediate purchase with little to no debate (something I typically don't do).  

After the purchase was complete I started to think about what shoes I would pair the dress with.  Initially, I thought it...

Styling Tips - 2x the fun top