Kimo.... No? | DIY Corset Like Belt

I want to take a moment and discuss one of my favorite items on the site.  The kimono for some is no more than a garment to lounge around the house, when in all actuality it can take your attire from 0 to 100 real quick lol. When I first picked out this piece the first thing I questioned was, "Who would understand and get the kimono style?" It was then at that point when I felt even more intrigued and compelled to purchase the kimono.  I chose to purchase this item because it is my job to show just how simple making a fashion statement can be. 

If you desire to be above average in the style department you have to think outside of the box and try simple, yet eye catching styles.  Great fashion and style doesn't come from playing it safe.  Most people who are admired for style are risk takers.  The kimono gives a sense of drama and demands the attention of others.  When you see someone take something so long and flowing and pair it with something so basic such as a T-shirt and denim it screams effortless style and confidence.  

When I turned the kimono into a dress I knew I was reaching a bit but I had a vision lol.  I envisioned a really draped like dress, falling off the shoulders, gathered at the waist and a lot of leg showing.  Something you could put on for a sexy date or a night on the town.  I loved making the kimono into a dress.  It's robe-like style allowed so much freedom to wrap, drape and play with length.  I was extremely happy with the outcome. I felt beyond sexy, stylish and fashion forward. 


The DIY Corset like belting...

 Ok, it only cost me like $7 total to create my belt. All I did was go downtown LA, in the garment district and dig through a box of leather scraps.  The sent of all of that leather in one box was heavenly might I add, which made that part quite enjoyable :)

The piece of leather I used was very uneven, has raw cut edges and even has a few holes here and there but I felt it gave the look more character and looked intentional. 

   I literally looked for a black leather piece that would go around my waist.  I didn't even care if it didn't completely close I just wanted something that would gather the kimono just under my bust in a corset like manner.  After I found my leather scrap, I wrapped leather like string around it several times to complete the look.  It was just that simple.  


I hope this blog post encourages someone to step out of the box and to try something new.  Be sexy fun and unapologetic!

XOXO ~kea~

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