Creating Wardrobes for Imperfectly REAL Women


Is Newd Style Plus Size?
We often get questioned “is your clothing plus size?” No our clothing isn’t plus size. I know we get questioned this often because I (Laquia) am photographed in all the clothing and I am a very curvy I am 5’3 165 pounds 36 C bust 31 inches waist and 46 inches Hips. I wear an 11/12 bottoms and S/M top. However, I am not plus size. I have struggled finding the perfect fits for many years.

Our Shopping Process
Although we do not feature and sell plus size clothing, we shop for items that are curvy women friendly. While shopping I look for items that have a decent amount of give and stretch so that women with curves can be confident in their purchases.  Being a woman that isn’t plus size but is very curvy I know the struggle to find clothing that fits properly.


Embracing Flaws

At Newd, we want to encourage all women to embrace their flaws. We want women to feel comfortable knowing that your beautiful imperfections are being taken in consideration while shopping. We cater to real women with real bodies and imperfections and while we do not yet carry plus size, it is our goal to cater to the plus size women at some point.  We are in the process of sourcing the right suppliers with the proper quality and style so stay tuned!

If you are looking at our pieces and have any questions about fit/size, please reach out. I have sourced our pieces with real bodies in mind. I am here to answer any styling/sizing questions.

Remember be sexy, fun and unapologetic.
xoxo ~kea~

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