Boobs, they are embedded in our hormones as little girls and they emerge as we develop into women.   They can be a blessing and a curse.   Some women feel they have too much and some feel they can use a little more.  As you get older breast can sometimes do their own thing.  They can lose their volume and fullness, and one can even appear larger than the other.  

Personally, I embarked a weight loss journey several years ago and my boobs haven't been the same every since.    I went down from a full D cup to a light C cup, and they sag drastically lol.  I would love to have a breast lift procedure at some point but for now, I am determined to love every inch of me, saggy boobs and all.  For me, the most challenging part of having small saggy breast is wardrobe.  I love unique and sexy pieces that have plunging necklines and or are backless.  I've learned several tricks to accommodate these wardrobe situations, so if this is a common issue for you try the following.

Bathing suit bra padding

In the image above I simply removed the padding from a bathing suit top and slid them into the dress to add a little more volume and lift.  This method worked well for this dress because it's really fitted in at the waist which secured the pad with no additional help.  This method didn't make my breast appear any larger but it helped them stay in place and appear very neat.  

Duck Tape

Duck tape is my best friend lol in the image above that's all I used to give my breast a lift.  I simply wiped my breast with rubbing alcohol to remove all natural oils, I covered my nipple with a cotton ball, and took the tape and went from under each breast starting at my waist and pulled the tape up to my chest while lifting my boob into place.  I did this approx 3 times mid breast starting and stopping within the parameter of what the dress covered.  

Lingerie Bra Cups

If you have saggy boob issues than I'm sure you have purchased lingerie that have push up bras built in, such as myself.  If you don't have one you can definitely find them at any Ross or Burlington Coat Factory for as low as $9.99.  For the look above I took an old lingerie nightgown that had an underwire bra attached, I cut out the bra cups and detached them so I had two individual cups.  I simply took each padded cup and inserted one in each side of the dress.  The dress was extremely fitted so the cups stayed in place pretty well for the most part, but double stick tape could have also been used to secure them as well.  


I don't know about you,  but I refuse to allow my saggy breast issues to prevent me from enjoying certain looks and styles of clothing.  I plan to continue to come up with ideas and methods to accommodate my problem and enjoy every style my heart desires.  I don't know what its like to have A LOT of boobs so I'm not sure these methods would work for larger breast but nothing beats a failer than a try!  Feel free to leave your feedback or even drop additional methods or tricks you may know of.



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