Lets Talk Cellulite

Out of all the flaws a person can have Let’s be real cellulite can be one of the most annoying of all.  Cellulite can make a you feel self conscious, causing you to always question if you can or can't wear certain things.  I definitely don’t feel cellulite should be ignored because it’s one of those things that can easily turn a look from cute to sloppy. It’s important that you're aware of your cellulite areas and attempt to eliminate the visibility as much as possible when possible.

Personally I've dealt with the flaw of cellulite as long as I can remember.  In the past I allowed my cellulite areas to prevent me from  trying to wear certain colors, fabrics, and styles of clothing.  White pants were definitely number one on my list of can't wear items.   White tends to highlight cellulite allowing every dent and dimple to make an appearance of it's own.  With the decision to embrace all of myself flaws and all, I decided to refuse to allow such a common thing to prevent me from exploring with my wardrobe.  

My major cellulite areas are my bottom, thighs and hips.  These areas are heavily infested with cellulite indentions, something I've been unable to rid myself of even with a strict workout regimen and a change in eating habits.  I came up with the perfect solution to help eliminate the visibility of cellulite, by wearing footless stockings under clingy or lighter color pants. Yes, a $4 pack of footless stockings can add just the right amount of control to provide you with a smooth and groomed look. I personally love this solution because it’s inexpensive, more comfortable than most girdles and covers more body than most spanks.

The next time you see something light in color or in a clingy like material don’t dwell on the reality of cellulite instead consider what can help eliminate how much it’s seen, make your purchase and make a fashionable statement confident and proud!

And as always be sexy, fun and unapologetic!

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